Our Process

It is very important to the J Bella Team that our design process is communicated and clear to all of our clients. That being said, we are happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

J Bella Interiors does require an initial design fee to begin the design process. This fee is based on job scope and location of the project.

Model living room image


Initial Job Walk

We begin with a meeting onsite to walk through with each client. During this time, we discuss project requirements, budgets and time frames. Blueprints, floor plans and any other required documents are collected at this time.


Space Planning & Design

After our initial walkthrough the J Bella team measures and photographs all relevant spaces to aid in the design process. We then start space planning and creating a design that is unique and custom to what the clients’ needs are.  Following that, we present our design to the client onsite. This presentation will consist of design boards, floor plans, flooring & fabric samples and any other finish samples

If any adjustments are necessary they will be discussed and made immediately following this presentation.



Upon approval of the design and receipt of the deposit, we will then put together the construction documents. These documents will include all finish specifications, flooring layouts, millwork locations, elevations, power and data plans, along with any other required documents.


Payment Schedule & Billing

Next, a payment schedule will be implanted which is based on the time that the deposit was received and will include progressive and final payments. While delays in permits and construction are a common occurrence, we always pay for all goods in full before shipping them to the J Bella Interiors warehouse. These progressive payments make it possible for J Bella to pay for the products in a timely manner and store them in our warehouse until construction is complete.


Delivery & Install

J Bella Interiors will store all goods until construction is complete. We then will deliver and install to the job site. Install time depends on the size and scope of the project.

Final payment is due at the time of delivery. The final invoice is submitted for payment prior to delivery so that it can be processed and paid on time. Any add-ons and change orders are billed separately upon approval.